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PetSitting in Tampa Bay

At Aussie Pet Sitter we fully understand the responsibility in taking care of your pet. Our trained professionals are animal lovers just like yourself and we guarantee that they will treat your pet with the utmost care and concern. View Our Testimonials to learn more about what others are saying about our services.

No matter what service you choose, your pet will get lots of love, play and cuddle time, administration of any medications, 24/7 communication with the pet sitter and specific written stories about the adventures your pet has while they’re with us.

We offer lots of different choices when it comes to pet services. Each one is tailored in order to accommodate a large range of pet sitting options.

Please understand that these rates might vary slightly depending on many factors that cannot be listed. Once we speak to you, we can give you an exact price over the phone. However the rates below are generally what we charge

Read about our booking and cancellation policy here.
Inquire about our rates - chris@aussiepetsitter.com


We specialize in quality Dog Walking Services while at work. We will spend 20-30 minutes with your dogs. This can include walking, backyard play, inside TLC time. We supply fresh water at each sit and a cute picture of your pet (if desired) so you can have a little fun visual when working hard at the office. We ask for a two - three hour window of time and will honor it. During the summer months, walks may be shortened, however quality time will be spent with your four legged friend in your home. We do not want a dog to suffer from heat exhaustion but we will discuss in detail all aspects of safety at the consultation and continued communication by supplying a note book for correspondence. Ideally, each household will have two trained staff but this depends on availability.

We love to take care of your pets in the comfort of your own home. We typically visit our special dog families three times a day as twice a day is often a long time to wait and if we are held up or an emergency happens, there isnt much wiggle room. I know each family is different so please call to discuss your situation. We need 2 working keys and we may have two sitters on each job. If you need us for a long period of time, it is a good idea to try us out for a night or during the day so we can both get a feel to see if its a good fit. Aussie Pet Sitter believes that we both need to feel comfortable and be on the same page. This is why we do a free consultation for 30 minutes. We also leave notes at each visit for a record on what happened at the visit and we can also text, email and send pictures. This will be discussed at the consultation as everyone's needs are different.



Oh, we love our cat clients. We offer daily visits to see your cat at any time of day or twice a day if needed. We typically do not take clients who dont want a daily service. Even if they are cats and can survive, we feel safer checking on them daily. There are all kinds of situations cats can get into. Even if cats arent social, we know they appreciate someone being there and feeding them plus a clean litter is vital. We will stay for 15-20 minutes, depending on the cats needs.

Gratuity -
All gratuities go directly to the pet sitter that watches your pet. Please leave gratuity for the sitter at the first visit or mail and indicate who this is for and for what services or you may leave cash for them.

Key Policy -
3 working keys are needed at consultation. A $10.00 administration fee is charged for setting up a client and a $25.00 deposit is required for a lock box set up. You may choose to give us 3 keys or use one of our lock boxes.

Cancellation and Booking Policy -
All cancellations need to be done by phone.

Dog Walking Clients:
No refund for same day cancellation.

Pet Sitting Clients:
Cancel less than 24 hours requires 80% of total service due.
Cancel 24-72 hours requires 20% of total service due.

Booking with less than 24 hours notice requires a $5.00 service charge.


Aussie Pet Sitter in Tampa Bay provides the following pet care services in South Tampa:
pet sitting dog walking cat sitting dog sitting